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First Look at New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Toys Reveal Lots of Secrets

More terrifying than Mark Ruffalo on a talk show! Scarier than Tom Holland being interviewed by himself! Marvel’s greatest spoiler threat has struck again! New toys.

Images of upcoming products for Avengers: Endgame have hit the web. They give us a glimpse of many of the characters who will be trying to undo Thanos’ Snap. We’ve expected to see some of them, but others are pleasant surprises. Who will join the fight is not the only secret contained within those collectibles though, and on today’s Nerdist News we’re gathering them all together to unearth what these action figures might tell us about the film.

On today’s (potentially spoiler-filled) episode, host Jessica Chobot looks at how new Endgame toys seem to confirm some of the biggest theories about the film, especially how the Avengers might need to suit up for a special trip–where they’re going could tell us how the Mad Titan’s Great Dusting might be reversed. These figurines and their packaging also reveal some new Avengers, from old characters taking on different forms, to some popular members of the MCU who look like they could be called upon to finally join Earth’s mightiest heroes on their quest to save half the universe.

No matter how much studios, even one as good as keeping its secrets as Marvel, are no match for the leaking potential of new toys. They’re consistently the best way to collect secrets.

But what do you think of these new toys and what they tell us about the film? Don’t keep your thoughts a secret, share them with us in the comments below.

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